New EU plant health rules

We would like to draw your attention that after 14 December 2019 all plants for planting (e.g. potted plants, seeds, propagating material), fruits (e.g. apples, hazelnuts) and other plant products (e.g. wreaths, fresh herbs) can only be brought into the EU with a phytosanitary certificate from countries outside the European Union even in your personal luggage!
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Everyone can draw

For the young generation we bring the drawing exhibition “Everyone can draw” by two young Hungarian artists – Zsófi Barabás and Zsuzsa Moizer to the National Library of Latvia. On the opening day, 6 October at 13:00, we will also organize a workshop for kids under the supervision of the artists. If you think you cannot draw, just wait till you see the exhibition and you will start drawing!
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