Hungarian literature in Latvian!

New Hungarian book in Latvia: “The Moment” by Hungarian writer Magda Szabó


On 30 January 2018, an exhibition about Magda Szabó’s life and works was opened at the Riga Central Library. Besides the exhibition, the interested readers can also choose from more than 100 Hungarian books in the library. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary on the occasion of Latvia’s Centenary donated 41 Hungarian books, cd, dvd  translated into English to the Library.


During the opening of the exhibition and the book launching, Mr. Ferenc Bányai, Ambassador, Ms. Dzidra Šmita, Director of the Riga Central Library and Mr. Juris Visockis, Director of Jumava addressed the public. The translator of the novel „The Moment”, Ms. Elga Sakse was also present and she talked about her life and told the audience of how she met the world-famous Hungarian writer, Ms. Magda Szabó. The audience had the pleasure to listen to Ms. Anta Rugāte  who read out from “The Moment” in a very touching way.





The exhibition is open until 28 February 2018! Visit it and enjoy the reading!