In Latvia we paid tribute to and commemorated the heroes of 1956 by organizing a conference, exhibition opening and movie screening at the National Library of Latvia, in Riga. The events took place on the 4th of October, 2016.


The programme of the conference:

1. Revolution and Freedom Fight of Hungary in 1956 (Márton Békés, Research Director of the House of Terror Museum, Budapest)

2. The Revolution of the Hungarian People and the "Polish October" 1956: Comparative Aspects (Dr. hist. Ilgvars Butulis, professor, University of Latvia)

3. Echoes of Events of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution in Soviet KGB Documents of Criminal Cases (Dr. hist Ainārs Bambals, Latvian National Archives)

4. The 1956 Hungarian Events in Latvia through the Prism of National and Family ties (Bonifācijs Daukšts, Latvian diplomat)

5. Activities of the American Latvian Youth Association in Support of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 (Ph.D. Valters Nollendorfs, Chairman of the Board, Occupation Museum Association of Latvia)

The exhibition “1956 – For Freedom and Independence” has been open to visitors in the National Library of Latvia for three months, it ended at the beginning of January, 2017. The Like-Print installation entitled „The Power of Symbols” of the young and talented János Brückner was inspired by the 1956 Hungarian Revolution and by the thoughts of István Bibó. (Please see our related news on both events.) The last event of the programme series was the screening of the movie “Children of Glory” (2006) with Latvian and English subtitles.

All the events related to the commemoration of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution and Freedom Fight were sponsored by the 1956 Hungarian Revolution and Freedom Fight 60th Anniversary Memorial Board.

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