The Ernő Soós Water Technology Research and Development Center in cooperation with the University of Pannonia, the city of Nagykanizsa and the Hydrophilic Water Treatment Planning and Construction Ltd. offers an

   academic programme in Hungary for foreign students to study

   Water Operation Engineering.                        

The Ernő Soós Water Technology Research and Development Center was founded in 2014 by the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Pannonia, the City of Nagykanizsa with the aim to increase the cultural diversity of the Nagykanizsa Campus of the University of Pannonia and to promote the competitive Hungarian higher education in the world. The diploma issued by the Pannon University is valuable, there is a sharp demand for engineers graduated here.

Applications of foreign students to be admitted in a special procedure for the academic year 2021/2022 are welcome. You can apply for the course directly by filling the application form on the English language website of the university until April 5, 2021:

Short description in English:

Basic information on the university course in nutshell:

Level of qualification / qualification in the diploma:
- basic level (BSc) degree
- Water Operation Engineer

- environmental analysis, instrumentation and monitoring
- biotechnology and innovation
- water quality and soil protection, waste management and remediation

Duration of the internship: at least 6 weeks organized in the frame of a continuous professional traineeship.

Further information:
Ms. Melinda Holczinger
International Communications Officer
University of Pannon, Campus Nagykanizsa
8800 Nagykanizsa, Zrínyi u. 18., Hungary